Andy Billings To Present At National Communication Association Convention

Olympic Television co-author, Andy Billings, will present two papers at the National Communication Association Convention in Dallas, Texas this week.

On Thursday, November 16, along with Kenon Brown, Breann Murphy and Luis Puesan, Billings will present “Intersections of Fandom: eSports and Traditional Sport Fandom in the Age of Interactive Media.” The paper is an examination of how eSports participants use media for both eSports and traditional sports.

On Friday, November 17, he will present “Lost in Translation–and Transmission: Contrasting Chinese and U.S. Gymnastics Television Coverage in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games,” a paper co-authored by Qingru Xu, James Angelini and Paul MacArthur. This paper is a comparison of how NBC and China’s CCTV presented gymnastics coverage during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In particular, the framing of athletes based on biological sex and nationality are examined.

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